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Jun. 2023



Jun. 2023





Things To Do In Hawthrone NV

Ten-Hut! Fall In for area fun!

The great city of Hawthorne is known as America’s Patriotic Home. You’ll find the streets paved with Red White & Blue, and the flags are always flown high and proud. Around every corner is a special piece of Americana and military culture waiting to be discovered.

Walker Lake

 10 Miles, 13 Mins Drive

This ancient lake is one of only two large natural lakes in Nevada. At 38,000 acres it is a scenic and popular spot for camping, boating, swimming, and water skiing. It is also a pristine spot for a variety of wildlife and migratory birds.

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Hawthorne Army Depot (Hawthrone Aap)

 7 Miles, 16 Mins Drive

The world’s largest munitions depot is just a few miles outside of Hawthorne. This facility has been a major part of the American military’s defense plans since before World War II. Not only are there three large storage facilities on site, but the depot is also home to engineering and manufacturing divisions, as well as training for all branches of the military.

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Mineral County Museum

 1.7 Miles, 5 Mins Drive, 20 Mins Walk

Step back in time with this charming and educational museum. Preserving some of the most fascinating and unique pieces of America’s past, this attraction is a must for families, or history buffs. You’ll see pristine examples of vintage clothing, mining equipment, minerals, carriages, fire fighting gear, and more.

Mount Grant General Hospital

 1.2 Miles, 5 Mins Drive, 20 Mins Walk

Ranked among the top 35 critical access hospitals in the country, Mount Grant General Hospital is conveniently located between Las Vegas and Reno. This makes Mount Grant an ideal facility for travelers who encounter unexpected injuries or illnesses. Just 5 minutes from Hawthorne’s Best Inn.

Hawthorne Ordnance Museum

​ 1 Miles, 3 Mins Drive, 20 Mins Walk

This amazing museum collects and preserves the important military history of Hawthorne and the United States. Inside you’ll find displays of military weapons, munitions, and other gear that has been instrumental in preserving the freedoms of our country.

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